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Zachariah Gompert

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Assistant Professor - Biology Department

Assistant Professor

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Office Location: BNR 355
DialPhone: 435-797-9463

Educational Background

PhD, Ecology, University of Wyoming, 2012
MS, Population and Conservation Biology, Texas State University, 2006
BS, Biology, Texas State University, 2004

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            Academic Journal

          • Gompert, Z., Mock, K.E, (2017). Detection of individual ploidy levels with genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) analysis. Molecular Ecology Resources
          • Messina, F.J, Gompert, Z., (2017). Evolution of host acceptance and its reversibility in a seed beetle. Ecological Entomology, 42, 42-50.
          • Kingston, S.E, Parchman, T.L, Gompert, Z., Buerkle, C.A, Braun, M.J, Heterogeneity and concordance in locus-specific differentiation and introgression between species of towhees. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, doi: 10.1111/jeb.13033
          • Gompert, Z., (2016). Bayesian inference of selection in a heterogeneous environment from genetic time-series data. Molecular ecology, 25:1, 121–134.
          • Lucas, L., Gompert, Z., Gibson, J.R, Bell, K.L, Buerkle, C.A, Nice, C.C, (2016). Pervasive gene flow across critical habitat for four narrowly endemic, sympatric taxa. Freshwater Biology, 61, 933-946.
          • Nosil, P., Feder, J.L, Flaxman, S.M, Gompert, Z., Dynamics of speciation: from gradualism to sudden regime shifts. Nature Ecology & Evolution
          • Mohammadi, S., Gompert, Z., Gonzalez, J., Takeuchi, H., Mori, A., Savitzky, A., (2016). Toxin-resistant isoforms of Na+/K+-ATPase in snakes do not closely track dietary specialization on toads. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 283:1842, 20162111. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2016.2111
          • Gompert, Z., Egan, S.P, Barrett, R., Feder, J., Nosil, P., (2016). Multilocus approaches for the measurement of selection on correlated genetic loci. Molecular Ecology, doi: 10.1111/mec.13867
          • Gompert, Z., Messina, F.J, (2016). Genomic evidence that resource-based trade-offs limit host-range expansion in a seed beetle. Evolution, 70:6, 1249–1264 .
          • Gompert, Z., Buerkle, A., (2016). What, if anything, are hybrids: enduring truths and challenges associated with population structure and gene flow. Evolutionary Applications, 9:7, 909-923. doi: 10.1111/eva.12380
          • Gompert, Z., (2016). A continuous correlated beta process model for genetic ancestry in admixed populations. PLOS ONE, 11, e0151047. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0151047
          • Harrison, J.G, Gompert, Z., Fordyce, J.A, Buerkle, A.C, Grinstead, R., Jahner, J.P, Mikel, S., Nice, C.C, Santamaria, A., Forister, M.L, (2016). The many dimensions of diet breadth: chemical, genetic, behavioral, and physiological perspectives on the interaction between a native herbivore and an exotic host. PLOS ONE, 11:2, e0147971. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0147971
          • Gompert, Z., Jahner, J.P, Scholl, C.F, Wilson, J.S, Lucas, L., Soria-Carrasco, V., Fordyce, J.A, Nice, C.C, Buerkle, C.A, Forister, M.L, (2015). The evolution of novel host use is unlikely to be constrained by trade-offs or a lack of genetic variation. Molecular ecology, 24:11, 2777–2793.
          • Gompert, Z., A Comeault, A., Farkas, T.E, Feder, J.L, Parchman, T.L, Buerkle, C.A, Nosil, P., , , (2014). Experimental evidence for ecological selection on genomevariation in the wild. Ecology Letters, 17:3, 369–379. doi: 10.1111/ele.12238
          • Comeault, A., Soria-Carrasco, V., Gompert, Z., Farkas, T., Buerkle, C., Parchman, T., Nosil, P., (2014). Genome-wide association mapping of phenotypic traits subject to a range of intensities of natural selection in Timema cristinae. The American Naturalist, 183:5, 711-727.
          • Soria-Carrasco, V., Gompert, Z., Comeault, A.A, Farkas, T.E, Parchman, T.L, Johnston, J.S, Buerkle, C.A, Feder, J.L, Bast, J., Schwander, T., Egan, S.P, Crespi, B.J, Nosil, P., (2014). Stick Insect Genomes Reveal Natural Selection’s Role in Parallel Speciation. Science, 344:6185, 738-742. doi: 10.1126/science.1252136
          • Lindtke, D., Gompert, Z., Lexer, C., Buerkle, C.A, (2014). Unexpected ancestry of Populus seedlings from a hybrid zone implies a large role for postzygotic selection in the maintenance of species. Molecular Ecology, 23:17, 4316–4330. doi: 10.1111/mec.12759
          • Gompert, Z., Buerkle, C.A, (2013). Analyses of genetic ancestry enable key insights for molecular ecology. Molecular Ecology, 22:21, 5278–5294.
          • Gompert, Z., Lucas, L.K, Nice, C.C, Buerkle, C.A, (2013). Genome divergence and the genetic architecture of barriers to gene flow between Lycaeides idas and L. melissa. Evolution, 67:9, 2498–2514.
          • Gompert, Z., Lucas, L.K, Nice, C.C, A Fordyce, J., Buerkle, C.A, Forister, M.a, (2013). Geographically multifarious phenotypic divergence during speciation. Ecology & Evolution, 3:3, 595–613.
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          • Alberici da Barbiano, L., Gompert, Z., Aspbury, A.S, Gabor, C.R, Nice, C.C, (2013). Population genomics reveals a possible history of backcrossing and recombination in the gynogenetic fish Poecilia formosa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110:34, 13797–13802.
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          • Parchman, T.L, Gompert, Z., Mudge, J., Schilkey, F.D, Benkman, C.W, Buerkle, C.A, (2012). Genome-wide association genetics of an adaptive trait in lodgepole pine. Molecular Ecology, 21:12, 2991–3005.
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          • Gompert, Z., Lucas, L.K, Nice, C.C, A Fordyce, J., Forister, M.L, Buerkle, C.A, (2012). Genomic regions with a history of divergent selection affect fitness of hybrids between two butterfly species. Evolution, 66:7, 2167–2181.
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          • Gompert, Z., (2012). Population genomics as a new tool for wildlife management. Molecular Ecology, 21:7, 1542–1544.
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          • Crutsinger, G.M, Collins, M.D, ames A Fordyce, J., Gompert, Z., Nice, C.C, Sanders, N.J, (2006). Plant genotypic diversity predicts community structure and governs an ecosystem process. Science, 313:5789, 966–968.

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              Research Reports

            • Gompert, Z., Lucas, L., (2016). Spatio-temporal ecological and evolutionary dynamics in natural butterfly populations (2015 field season). University of Wyoming National Park Service Research Center *
            • Gompert, Z., Lucas, L., (2015). Spatio-temporal ecological and evolutionary dynamics in natural butterfly populations (2014 field season). University of Wyoming National Park Service Research Center *

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                Scheduled Teaching

                BIOL 5250 - Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2017

                BIOL 4750, 6325 - Bayesian Analysis of Biological Data, Fall 2016

                BIOL 5250 - Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2016

                BIOL 4750, 6750 - Topics in Biology, Fall 2015

                BIOL 5250 - Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2015

                BIOL 4750,6750 - Topics in Biology (Topic), Fall 2014

                BIOL 5250 - Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2014

                BIOL 6750 - Topics in Biology, Spring 2014

                Graduate Students Mentored

                Amy Springer, Biology, August 2016
                Alexandre Rego, Biology, August 2016
                Samridhi Chaturvedi, Biology, August 2014
                Alberto de Rosa, Biology, August 2014 - July 2015