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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2016

September 27 – Dr. Jeffery Yarger, Arizona State University
“Unraveling Structure-Function Relationships in Silk and Related BioPolymers”
Host: Randy Lewis


October 14 – Dr. Becky Williams, Utah State University
     * note special day and time (12n)


October 17 – Dr. Karen Kapheim, Utah State University
     * note special day and time (3:30 pm)
“Causes and consequences of social evolution in bees”


October 25 – Dr. Matthew Forister, University of Nevada-Reno
The butterfly and the noise: understanding insect populations through four decades of observations"
Host: Zach Gompert


November 8 – Dr. Ryan McCleary, USU


December 6 – Dr. Travis Wilcoxen, Millikin University
“Avian immune defense and disease dynamics in natural and human-altered habitats”
Host: Spencer Hudson

Spring 2017

January 31 – Dr. Natalie Boyle, USDA Logan Bee Lab
“Managing the blue orchard bee for pollination of commercial orchards”
Host: Karen Kapheim


March 14 – Dr. Hollis Woodard, University of California, Riverside
“Nutritional ecology and physiology of bumble bees”
Host: Michael Orr and Corey Andrikopoulos


April 11 – Dr. Marcus Brock, University of Wyoming
“Exploring hidden mechanisms of adaptation to heterogeneous environments: floral UV patterns and microbial communities”
Host: Lauren Lucas


April 25 – Dr. Gaelen Burke, University of Georgia
“The function and evolution of viral symbionts of parasitoid wasps”
Host: Carol von Dohlen