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Seminar Schedule

Biology Seminars will be in BNR 202a on a Tuesday at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2017

October 31 – Dr. Patrik Nosil, University of Sheffield, UK
“Predicatability of Evolution and Its Ecological Consequences”
Location: DE 012 Hosted by: Dr. Zach Gompert


November 14 – Dr. Stephen Schaeffer, Penn State University
" Evolutionary Forces that Establish and Maintain chromosomal Inversion in Drosphila Pseudoobscura"
Hosted by: Dr. Zach Gompert and Samridhi Chaturvedi


November 28 – Dr. Amber Tripodi, USDA-ARS
"Bumble Bee Parasites Across the U.S."
Hosted by: Dr. Karen Kapheim


December 5 – Dr. Kenneth Smith, Utah State Unversity
"Sentinels of the Soil: The Emerging Role of Soil Microbes in Terrestrial Carbon Cycling"
Hosted by: Dr. Bonnie Waring

Spring 2018

January 30 – Dr. Quinn McFrederick, University of California, Riverside
“Bee Conservation Via the Study of Symbiosis” 
Hosted by: Dr. Jamie Strange, USDA Bee Lab

February 13 – Dr. Rachel Gallery, University of Arizona
" The Ecology of Soil Microbes:Predicting Activity and Feedbacks in Response to Disturbance"
Hosted by: Dr. Noelle Beckman

March 13 – Dr. Margarita Lopez-Uribe, Penn State University
" Bee Responses to Changing Environments: Lessons from Their Evolutionary History and Life History Traits"
Hosted by: Dr. Karen Kapheim

 March 20 – Dr. Rufus Isaacs, Michigan State University
"Two Steps Forward, One Step Back--Exploring Bee Conservation in Blueberry Farms"
Hosted by: Dr. Jamie Strange, USDA Bee Lab


March 27 – Bio Nerd Herd, Utah State Unversity
"USU Bio Nerd Herd: What We Do and What We've Done"
Hosted by: Dr. Will Pearse

April 3 – Dr. Christie Riehl, Princeton University 
"Cheaters and Collaborators: The Evolution of Cooperative Breeding in a Tropical Bird"
Hosted by: Dr. Karen Kapheim

April 10 – Dr. Caroline Tucker, University of North Carolina
"Universtanding Ecology Using Multiple Facets of Diversity"
Hosted by: Dr. Will Pearse

April 17 – Dr. Denise Dearing, University of Utah
"Eating and Not Dying: How Mammalian Herbivores Avoid Food Poisoning"
Hosted by: Dr. Susannah French

April 24 – Dr. Amanda Subalusky, Cary Insitute/Yale University
"Animal Migrations and Resource Subsidies Influence River Ecosystem Dynamics"
Hosted by: Dr. Michelle Baker