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James P. Pitts

James P. Pitts

Associate Professor
Curator of USU Entomology Collection
B.S., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Physics & Chemistry
Ph.D., University of Georgia, Entomology
Faculty: Biology Faculty
Location:  BNR 233
Office Phone:  435 797-8872
Fax:  435 797-1575
Utah State University
Department of Biology
UMC 5305
Logan, UT 84322-5305

Lab:                   BNR 240
Lab Phone:        797-0358


  •      Systematics of Mutillidae with emphasis on the nocturnal Southwestern Nearctic genera
    Current research includes systematics and biogeography of the nocturnal genera Odontophotopsis and Sphaeropthalma s.l., as well as the diurnal genera Lomachaeta and Dasymutilla.
  •      Systematics of spider wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae)
    Currently I am working on a comprehensive phylogeny of Pompilidae, deriving data from morphological, behavioral, and molecular sources, in attempts to validate subfamilial and tribal classifications. Ultimately my goal is to provide tests of hypothesized evolutionary behavioral scenarios of spider wasps in a phylogenetic context.

Current Graduate Students

  •   Ph. D.
    1. Cecilia Vieira, 2013– present; Systematics of Mutillidae.
    2. Michael Orr, 2012– present; Systematics of Heliophila.
    3. Emily Sadler, 2012– present; Systematics of Chyphotes.
    4. John Koch, 2011– present; Bumblebee population genetics.
    5. Cecilia Waichert, 2008 – present; Systematics of Pompilidae (co-advised with Carol von Dohlen).
    6. Juanita Rodriguez, 2008 – present; Systematics of Pompilidae (co-advised with Carol von Dohlen).

Past Graduate Students

  •   Ph. D.
    1. Kevin Williams, 2005 – 2012; Systematics of Mutillidae (co-advised with Carol von Dohlen).
    2. Joseph Wilson, 2005 – 2010; Biogeography of nocturnal wasps.

  •    Masters
    1. Sarah Clark, 2010 – 2013; Pollinator behavior of endangered plants in the Piceance Basin.
    2. Catherine Clark, 2008 – 2010; Pollinator behavior of endangered plants at Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge.
    3. Nicole Frank Boehme, 2008 – 2013; Pollinator behavior of endangered plants at Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge.
    4. Jonathan Koch, 2008 – 2011; Academic Advisor.

Current Classes
Biol 4750/6750: Evolution: The History of an Idea, Fall of odd years
Biol 4300: Plagues, Pests and People, Spring of odd years
Biol 1610/1620: Introductory Biology, Fall and spring semesters every year


Published–Peer Reviewer

1.          Tanner, D.A., C. Clark and J.P. Pitts. 2013.  Pollination biology of Astragalus phoenix with notes on the natural history of its pollinator Anthophora porterae. Western North American Naturalist (in press). UAES 8412.

2.            Tanner, D.A. and J.P. Pitts. Effects of male size on searching behaviors in the sun dance of Bembix americana spinolae (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae). Western North American Naturalist 73: 254-257. UAES 8416.

3.            *Auko, T.H, R. Silvestre, and J.P. Pitts. 2013. Nest camouflage in the spider wasp Priochilus captivum (Fabricius, 1804) (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae), with notes on  the biology. Tropical Zoology 26: 140-144.

4.            *Williams, K. and J. P. Pitts. 2013. Caribbean and Mexican additions to the Dasymutilla bioculata species-group (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 106: 429-436. UAES 8488.  

5.            *Wilson, J.S., C.F. Gunnell, D.B. Wahl and J.P. Pitts. 2013. Testing the species limits of the tarantulas (Araneae: Theraphosidae) endemic to California's Southern Coast Ranges, USA. Insect Conservation and Diversity 16: 365-371.

6.            *Wilson, J.S., C. von Dohlen, M.L. Forester, and J.P. Pitts. 2013. Family-level Divergences in the stinging wasps (Hymneoptera: Aculeata), with correlations to angiosperm diversification. Evolutionary Biology 40: 101-107. UAES 8372.

7.            ** Restrepo-Giraldo, C., *J. Rodriguez and J. P. Pitts. 2012. Temporal activity patterns of the spider wasp Pepsis montezuma Smith (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) in a disturbed lower montane rainforest (Manizales, Colombia). Psyche. Article ID 516419, 4 pages, DOI: 10.1155/2012/516419. UAES 8491.  

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9.            *Waichert, C. and J.P. Pitts. 2012. Addition to the distributional record of Ageniella (Neotumagenia) amazonica Fernández, 1998 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) and establishment of a neotype. Psyche. Article ID 307103, 3 pages, DOI: 10.1155/2012/307103. UAES 8395.

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            Prior to Assistant Professor Position

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