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John M Stark

John M Stark

PhD 1991, UC Berkeley
MS 1984, Colorado State University
BA & BS 1981, Humboldt State University
Faculty: Biology Faculty
Location:  VSB 331
Office Phone:  435 797-3518
Fax:  435 797-1575
5305 Old Main Hill
Department of Biology
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-5305

Lab:                   VSB 339
Lab Phone:        797-0060


  • Microbial controls on carbon & nitrogen cycling in forest and rangeland ecosystems
  • Effects of hydraulic lift by plants on rhizosphere microbial activity
  • Trace gas production by soil microorganisms
  • Ecology of nitrifying bacteria
  • Role of microorganisms in controlling plant community structure

Or, you may like information on Stable Isotope Analyses performed in my lab.



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