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Kimberly A Sullivan

Kimberly A Sullivan

Associate Professor
Ph.D. (1984 Rutgers University - Newark)
Faculty: Biology Faculty
Location:  BNR 313
Office Phone:  435 797-3713
Fax:  435 797-1575
Utah State University
Department of Biology
UMC 5305
Logan, UT 84322-5305

Lab:                   BNR 206


At the present time I am working on several questions in avian behavioral and physiological ecology. These include the relationship among foraging proficiency, social dominance and survival in juveniles, the role of individual variation in energy expenditure on reproductive success and the development of a hormonal response to stress in young birds.



Sullivan, Kimberly A., James J. Roper, and Wesley W. Weathers.1999. Individual variation in renesting intervals, dairly energy expenditure and reproductive success in passerines.Adams, N.J. and Slotow R. H. Proceedings of the 22nd International Ornithological Congress, Durban, South Africa.
Sullivan, Kimberly A.1999. Yellow-eyed Junco. . In The Birds of North America, no. 464. 24 pgs.
Leary, Joanna, Kimberly A. Sullivan and Nigella Hillgarth.1999. Relationships among dominance, foraging proficiency and condition in juvenile Dark-eyed Juncos.Auk 116:1136-1141.
Soma, Kiran, K. Kim Sullivan and John Wingfield.1999. Combined aromatase inhibitor and antiandrogen treatment decreases territorial agression in a wild songbird during the nonbreeding season. . General and Comparative Endocrinology 115:442-453.